Aliyah to Israel

What are the Things You Should Know about Aliyah to Israel in Advance?

Are you contemplating Aliyah to Israel? Before making your journey, here are a few things to keep in mind. These tips can make your trip smoother and more enjoyable!

Immigration to the Land of Israel, known as aliyah, is one of the central principles of Zionism. For centuries, people from around the world have come here in order to establish Israel as a Jewish state.

Before embarking on any major life change, it's essential to do your due diligence and research the possibilities. This is especially pertinent if you have children that you plan to bring with you.

?What is the practical advice to make Aliyah

Many people make Aliyah with the hopes of finding a job and providing their children with quality education in a secure Jewish environment, but in reality these dreams often prove unattainable.

One of the greatest obstacles faced by Olim is money-related issues such as budgeting and cost of living. Organizations like Nefesh B'Nefesh strive to educate potential Olim on these subjects and offer them resources and practical advice.

If you wish to become a resident or claim citizenship in Israel, you'll need a passport. While this can seem like an intimidating process, it's essential that you start the procedure as soon as possible.

According to Jewish law, anyone born Jewish or with at least one Jewish parent or grandparent can make Aliyah (migration) to Israel.

?How it's essential to be well-prepared

To begin, book an appointment at Misrad Hapnim to receive your new passport. They will send you SMS confirmation of the time and date for your appointment.

No matter why you're making the Aliyah to Israel–for a new job, home, or any other reason–it's essential to be well-prepared. And packing correctly is an essential step in accomplishing this task.

If you're moving for a new job, make sure all of your licenses have been updated and are in your hand luggage before departing the United States. Otherwise, there may be delays in receiving them.

When taking electronics, laptops or other devices with a US power plug on vacation, be sure to purchase an adapter that fits the outlets at your destination. Otherwise, your equipment may not work at all.

It's essential to remember that most countries use different voltages and plugs. Your device may indicate its input voltage on its cord, plug or somewhere on the device itself.

For those from the North or Midwest, eight to nine months of sunshine a year can seem like a dream come true. When combined with an array of local foods and beaches, national parks, and beauty spots, it's no wonder Israel's sunny weather has become such a draw for Olim Hadashim residents.

?How to get opportunity to explore Israel

To guarantee you enjoy the weather, it is wise to check the forecast ahead of time. Not only does this give you a realistic expectation of what to expect, but it also helps prevent any last-minute surprises from ruining your plans.

Though it may be an obvious point, it's essential to be aware of the holidays ahead of time. They can have a significant impact on your travel plans, so make sure to prepare ahead of time.

Sukkot (October) commemorates the 40 years Jews spent in the desert after leaving Egypt and is a major holiday here. To commemorate this event, people construct sukkahs – hut-like structures where they eat during this time.

Simchat Torah marks the end of Sukkot and ushers in a new Torah reading cycle. It's one of the happiest Jewish holidays, offering visitors an opportunity to explore Israel!

Understanding the language is one of the most essential requirements for making an aliyah and is a necessary first step to successful integration into Israeli society.

Unfortunately, a majority of Israelis do not speak English and learning Hebrew before making an aliyah is often necessary for those wishing to make Israel their permanent home.

Language plays an integral role in Israeli culture, so knowing it will enable you to communicate more easily with people. You might even discover that knowing Hebrew will enable you to land a job or launch your own business venture!

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